Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is the time

A year past by, with ups and down. Laughter and cries but finally I go through a lesson and meaning of relationship. God exists but not everyone acknowledge that. How He works? When He works and why He did that? Its beyond our knowledge..

I always have a big question in my head? Why is this happen to me? What is the meaning of my life? I should have a better job life family compare with other people that not serving God for their entire life. Every time we just said I deserve for a better guy, better job or anything but do we ever say Oh God thank you for this blessing I don’t deserve it but because You love me so much that you gave me this. I bet only 1 out of 10 will say that including myself. But God is so good… He listens, see and guide me with never ending ways. I admit I know Him since I am in primary 3 but I only get to know and close with Him recently. Years in the ministry also I serve Him not for the glory of Him but only for the sake of want to serve. I ran away from Him because of searching for happiness promise by human. Many times He called me but I see things differently. But I know how much I hurt now is actually can’t compare with the hurt of His hand nailed to the cross.

Selfish and pride make me far away from Him. For what and who I am now, is impossible for me to have what I am earning now. But most of the time I never thankful but still grumble for it. If we see this life as what God want us to be, we will know how many times He saves us and that is not a coincidence. Many of us suffered a bad relationship with opposite sex. We intend to question or blame God but when we hold on to His promise, everything comes in naturally and we will be satisfied and thankful so much.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”. I once read a passage and found the above line which really makes me feel that I shouldn’t worry about anything in this world or life. Of course by the surroundings, it won’t be easy as what we read. But trust in Him hold on to what He had said...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

2nd June 2008

Doi .. after a long break for kaamatan feel lazy want to work ..

Yesterday we have our kaamatan celebration at SHC church, since I did not manage to participate the sugandoi contest I only made a performance for my favourite song "Mandad Sisimba" sang by Betcy Michael. Hehe.. mcm artis o (according to Raynut & Jason) pandai angkat2 kaki lagi (Adrian simon & Keith Bilang) misti mah .. even though its only a performance has to do best2 jua.. but at the end of my song, I am out of stamina & almost pancit :p
still waiting for the pict from choon2.. will post it here to share with everybody..
Fun jua lah now adays.. even though sometimes "mcm mau buat kulam ikan jua" but... paip pun habis sudah airmata ahahah.. or its God yg oredy close it & said only cry for Me ya ...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My 1st experience in..

SUGANDOI.. kampung-kampung ja lah..

Did not win the 1st prize 2nd prize or 3rd prize, only make it to the Top 5.. thats why i name it maggie no 5 (as created by my best nephew)but wining or losing it doesn't matter as tt said u are always winner in heart..